Roddas Frozen Cornish Clotted Cream Portions

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Easy to serve, these perfectly sized individual portions are a favourite at many catering venues and events. Ideal for adding a luxurious touch of indulgence to your dessert dishes.

Over 120 years on since Eliza Jane Rodda first started making clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen in Cornwall, its still crafted it the same way. Rich locally sourced cream is gently baked until it's thick, silky and thoroughly dollopable. Which is why it's been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status.

These portion packs reduce waste and allow for better portion control. Made using British Red Tractor certified milk.

100% Cornish Cow's MILK, No Additives, GM free.

  • The product will be delivered frozen and should stored in a freezer until use.
  • Made using British Red Tractor certified milk.
  • Defrost for 24 hours in refrigerator and use within 10 days.